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HAX was created in 2009 in Corona California to focus on modern motorcyclists who want to conquer both streets and off-road tracks terrains. HAX was born with the mission of creating cutting-edge helmets that provide first class performance.

Our helmets are made by experts dedicated to the focus of product development, design and strict quality control. We continue our persistent drive to build products that meet the needs and exceed expectations.

HAX provides our customers with better value and quality in motorcycle helmets. We are always at the forefront of designs and offer innovative products with the latest generation technologies.


Only the best helmets have double certification:


DOT (Department of Transit in English) and ECE (Developed by the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe).


What is the DOT certification? It is one of the most important certifications worldwide, norm approved by the US Government. Covers 90% of the types of impact.


What is the ECE certification? Developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, obligated in more than 50 countries in the world. Approved for competitions such as those of AMA, WERA, FIM, Formula USA, CCS and MotoGP.